1st edition 2021: horizon – josep beulas
santa coloma de farners (girona, catalonia)
from august 17 to september 4

15m2 international festival of itinerant microdance

15m2 is a festival of itinerant microdance that takes place in unconventional spaces around a central theme and a specific place, with the aim of connecting the scenic creation to the cultural fabric of the territory and the fields of knowledge.

  A small-format emerging festival to reflect on art, culture, and contemporary society. A way to weave links between the cultural sectors and the citizenship from the central theme and the territory..



3rd and 4th september

10 microdance projects

4th september, 21h

recognition of awards and closing of the festival

Important: All exhibitions are free of charge. Seating is limited and tickets must be reserved in order to attend.


friday 3

Artist   StageTime
NATALIA FERNANDES   Casa de la Paraula (inside)18:30h
CARLES MALLEU, GLÒRIA ROVIRA and ARIADNA SARRATS   C. Lluís Mon (Jardí de la Ratafia)18:30h
NIL VERDÚ and PAULA RÍSQUEZ   Casa de la Paraula (outside)19h
AZUCENA MOMO and LAIA PUJOL   Casa de la Paraula (outside)19:30h
TANIA GONZÁLEZ   El dipòsit20h

saturday 4

Artist   StageTime
NATALIA FERNANDES   Casa de la Paraula (inside)17h
NIL VERDÚ and PAULA RÍSQUEZ   Biblioteca Joan Vinyoli17:30h
OSKAR LUKO   Parc de Sant Salvador17:30h
JOSÉ DAVID CERDA and JULIE TARTAGLIA   Parc de Sant Salvador18h
AGNES BALFEGÓ   Casa de la Paraula (outside)18h
OSKAR LUKO   Parc de Sant Salvador18:30h
CARMEN MUÑOZ   Casa de la Paraula (outside)18:30h
JOSÉ DAVID CERDA and JULIE TARTAGLIA   Parc de Sant Salvador19h
AGNES BALFEGÓ   Casa de la Paraula (outside)19h
CARMEN MUÑOZ   Casa de la Paraula (outside)19:30h
TANIA GONZÁLEZ   Plaça Farners19:30h
AZUCENA MOMO and LAIA PUJOL   Casa de la Paraula (outside)20h

unconventional spaces

Casa de la Paraula
C. Lluís Mon (Jardí de la Ratafia)
El dipòsit
Biblioteca Joan Vinyoli
Parc de Sant Salvador
Plaça Farners

knowledge and territory

17 august, 17h (online)

horizon conference; conversation and debate with LAURA LLEVADOT (ub, barcelona)

24 august 17h (online)

art and landscape conference; conversation and debate with ROBERTO RAMOS DE LEÓN (cdan, osca)

17 august to 4 september

community creation action #elteuhoritzódeSCF

4th september, 21h

presentation of the document obra de síntesi

1st edition 2021: horizon - josep beulas

   The first edition of the festival will be held on the work of the painter Josep Beulas in his hometown -Santa Coloma de Farners (Girona)-, under the theme Horizon.

   Beulas (1921-2017) is one of the most important landscape painters of the second half of the twentieth century. He created a synthesis painting at the limit of abstraction, and deeply worked on the idea of the horizon: landscapes of desolate agrarian environments, without any vegetation, abandoned by man and modernity, where the horizon line connects the essentiality of his landscapes. The year 2021 marks the centenary of his birth and the festival wants to vindicate the value of his work and his personality, a simple man who loved art and the environment where he lived.

Fragment of the documentary Aún Pinto. Beulas: retrato a los 95 años. Sally Gutiérrez, CDAN 2019.


escenaris no convencionals

   15m2 is a microdance festival that takes place in unconventional spaces of 15m2, located both indoors and outdoors, interesting because of the theme and the municipality of the festival. The reduced dimensions of the stage will create a bare, intimate and close atmosphere with the public, with the aim of promoting new audiences in unconventional dance spaces.

   Microdance creations will be short pieces between 15 and 20 minutes, inspired by the theme of the festival. Movement and body will be the main axis of the proposals, although other artistic disciplines will be also welcomed. The festival will value the creation of scenography proposals with elements and materials related to the central theme to encourage scenography creation in movement works.

   The festival will host 10 microdance creations. There will be a public call for the selection of 8 proposals and the festival will propose 2 creations as guests. The proposals will be chosen according to the artistic criteria of the festival and territorial criteria. On the one hand, we want to encourage local creation and proximity to the locality of the festival, and on the other hand, we want to welcome creations from outside Spain to internationalize the festival.

   The festival wants to generate a microdance circuit in the Catalan territory to decentralize and expand the scenic creation and cultural programs outside the big cities.

10 microdance projects

Azucena Momo and Laia Pujol


Friday 3   Casa de la Paraula (garden)19:30h
Saturday 4   Casa de la Paraula (garden)20h

Being constantly between exit and entry, two movements that never cease to happen. A belonging inside and a will to inhabit and exist outside. Tradition accompanies us as a legacy of personal but also communal horizons, framed in a landscape and a language.

Wicker sculptures from Sembra, a piece created in august 2020 by artist and craftswoman Ona Trepat Rubirola.

Azucena Momo

Born in Figueres (1992), she lives in the woods. She has studied Humanities and Journalism. She has a Master in Theatre Studies (UAB, IT). She writes poetry and short texts to be staged. Well. Since ever and in a bad way. This passion leads her to investigate the possibilities of words when they are dismembered in body and sight on a stage space that transmutes them.

Laia Pujol

Born in Solsona, she studied a degree in Humanities (UPF). She is a music teacher and performer. She has been trained at the Conservatory of Terrassa in the specialties of Classical Clarinet, Classical Piano and Jazz Saxophone (Professional Degree). Her artistic interest goes beyond the musical field, in 2018 she launched an artistic project based on an exchange between people from different contexts through texts, images, drawings or objects.


Dance and texts: Azucena Momo
Design of spaces and sculptures: Ona Trepat Rubirola
Music: Laia Pujol
Externa view: Maria Mora
Duration: 15 min.

Photographs: Ona Trepat Rubirola and Azucena Momo

Agnes Balfegó


Saturday 4   Casa de la Paraula (courtyard)18h
Saturday 4   Casa de la Paraula (courtyard)19h

The horizon, binary separation between the earthly world and the spiritual world. Between the passage of time and timelessness. Matter and the ephemeral. And the need arises for us to cross it, to perforate it, and to imagine new axes to be able to widen our gaze and to be able to pass through the two worlds with more freedom.

Agnes Balfegó

Performer and co-creator (1992, Tarragona). She finished her Dance Degree at the Institute of the Arts Barcelona where she trained with dance, theater and voice. She is currently a dancer in the cast of “Gran Bolero” (Max Award 2020) by Jesús Rubio Gamo and has previously worked with Teatro del Temple and Roberto Olivan, Poliana Lima, Vallet Company, Colectivo la Imperfecta and other projects as a creator at Festival Terramar, Tanzspeicher theater or Choresoscope ’21. She currently collaborates with Leandro Cánepa.

Leandro Cánepa

Co-creator (1984, Buenos Aires). Illustrator and multidisciplinary artist, graduated with a degree in Film Direction at the CIEVYC in Buenos Aires, he is part of the photography team of Wim Venders’ co-production “Un tango más”. As an audiovisual director at Canal Encuentro and as director of the audiovisual department of the Universidad Nacional de San Martín. Operator for 4 years at the Teatro San Martín and projectorist and programmer at the Cine del CC Plaza San Martín. He currently collaborates with Agnes Balfegó.


Choreography and interpretation: Agnès Balfegó Brull
Concept and artistic accompaniment: Leandro Cánepa Alonso
Text: Free interpretation of the poem “El lenguado” Cosas del cuerpo by José Watanabe
Artistic accompaniment: Leandro Cánepa Alonso
Music: “Fratres” by Arvo Pärt, Angela Yoffe, Vadim Gluzman
External view: Ivan Montardit
Duration: 17 min.

Photographs: Leandro Cánepa

José David Cerda and Julie Tartaglia

EME - Fugaz de la memoria

Saturday 4   Parc de Sant Salvador18h
Saturday 4   Parc de Sant Salvador19h

A piece that combines poetry and contemporary dance to recreate contemplative atmospheres in different landscapes, in order to recreate various analogies between movement and memory loss.

José David Cerda

Co-director of the company Puntos de Partida, Co-director of the Performing Arts Encounter La Carpa and member of the Associació Cultural Colectivo Tac Tiq; Since 2015 he has presented his scenic and creative work in festivals and cultural centers in Canada, Germany, France, Spain, Colombia, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Paraguay and Argentina. She currently lives in Spain where she co-produces and co-creates with various projects.

Julie Tartaglia

Co-director of the Associació Cultural Colectivo Tac Tiq, social educator and French visual artist. Since 2017 she has presented her work as a creator and performer in festivals and cultural centers in Mexico, Costa Rica, El Salvador, France and Spain. Currently coordinator of performing arts in the project Mascanada 6 and co-creator in the cía. Puntos de Partida.


Original idea and concept: José David Cerda
Choreography: José David Cerda 
Performes and co-creators: Julie Tartaglia, José David Cerda and Coralie Arnoult (Substitution) 
Original text: Clara Centenera Ribas 
Costume: Coralie Arnoult 
Costume design: José David Cerda 
Sound design and music editing: Palofierro Music 
Original music: Lotuseter by Haron, La flor de la biznada by Ampersan and Planet Caravan by Black Sabbath
Vocals: Clara Centenera Ribas 
Duration: 16 min.

Photographs: Alexis Escobell

Natalia Fernandes


Friday 3   Casa de la Paraula (showroom)18:30h
Saturday 4   Casa de la Paraula (showroom)17h

Space is an invention of the mind. ANATOMY AND STRATEGY is an experience of prolonged and continuous attention so that the body can reflect on its existence, a space between nature and reasoning, between social construction and instinct.

Natalia Fernandes

I am a dancer, choreographer and dance teacher. I am Brazilian from Sao Paulo, and based in Madrid since 2017. My dance training takes place between Brazil and countries in Europe, Middle East, Africa and USA. It is in this mix that I recognize my creative tools, my little inventions, fictions and desires. Teaching and working as a performer is what nourishes my creativity and drives my small creations. It is in this non-static balance of things that my body dances.


Creation: Natalia Fernandes
Music: Rodrigo Ramos
Collaborators: Gonçalo M Tavares, Agustina Arán, Jeronimo Bittencourt, Laura Kumin, Clarissa Sacchelli, Barbara Faustino, Isabela Rossi, Dakota Comin, Natalia Mendonça, Guillermo Weickert and Gonçalo Marcelo
Acknowledgements: Festival Ellas Crean, Concha Fernandez, NF – Nieves Fernandes, Angela Cuadra, Laura F Gibellinni, Certamen Coreográfico de Madrid, Pasoa2, Musiberia, Rua das Gaivotas, Teatros Canal/Centro de Danza Canal, Compañía Nacional de Danza and Coreógrafos en Comunidad/Conde Duque
Duration: 20 min.

Photographs: Alvaro Oliveros (up) and Agustina Aran (below)

Carmen Muñoz

Estudio sobre la histeria

Saturday 4   Casa de la Paraula (courtyard)18:30h
Saturday 4   Casa de la Paraula (courtyard)19:30h

A woman who invokes the bodies of her past referents towards her present intuition. Allowing, transcending the bodies, yielding and letting herself be possessed by them, finding out what is hidden and building herself on their ashes. An initiatory journey from the lucidity of the body to its hysterical delirium. A journey of body, word, past, destiny… and what escapes.

Carmen Muñoz

She began her dance training in Úbeda (Jaén). She studied Spanish dance and flamenco at the Conservatories of dance in Granada and Madrid. She received a scholarship to join the Centro Andaluz de Danza in Seville for two years. Graduated in choreography and performance at the CSD of the Institut del Teatre de Barcelona. She began her professional career in the young company Nosolodanza de Córdoba under the direction of Nuria Leiva and later worked in companies such as Estévez-Paños, Juan Carlos Avecilla Cía de Danza, La Fura dels Baus, Cía Pol Jiménez, Juan Carlos Lérida and Cía José Manuel Álvarez. Driven by a creative restlessness, she has her own pieces, such as “Catalina Mía”, “Sarabande”, “Limbo” or “Bailes de Histéricas”, which have been selected and awarded in different calls and have had and still have a relevant tour. Committed to contemporary art, with its creation, research and dissemination, she is part of the Les Empiricxs Collective.


Direction, creation and interpretation: Carmen Muñoz
Dramaturgical adviser: Salvador S. Sánchez
Music: Reserva Espiritual de Occidente REO
Duration: 16 min.

Photographs: Anna Mas

Tania González

No Es Correr

Friday 3   El dipòsit20h
Saturday 4   Plaça Farners19:30h

‘No Es Correr’ proposes a slow transit towards the origin, the nucleus, the root, that space-time where action emerges and the body creates. What is the relationship between line and gesture, observation and touch, the permanence of the material versus the ephemeral nature of movement?

Tania González

Choreographer, performer and transdisciplinary researcher. In her work she combines ethnographic methods with somatic research, improvisation and instant composition. With a degree in Spanish Dance from the Conservatory of Dance in Madrid and a PhD in Social Anthropology from the University of Stockholm, she has studied contemporary dance at Tanzfabrik Berlin. She is currently a student of the Master Performance Practices at ArtEZ, Holland.


Idea, choreography and interpretation: Tania González
Duration: 20 min.

Photographs: Lucas Damiani

Nil Verdú and Paula Rísquez

Crit d'arrel

Friday 3   Casa de la Paraula (courtyard)19h
Saturday 4   Biblioteca Joan Vinyoli17:30h

“We find it hard to understand the words of the trees. We don’t feel the earth as it asks for help, let alone feel how it needs our reconnection with it. When it is afraid is when perhaps we feel the cry, but who is the root of the problem?

Time passes, we are roots and we don’t know it.”

Nil Verdú

Public school music teacher and pedagogue specialized in music. Jazz and modern music guitarist. Student of the superior degree of music at the ESMUC. Combines teaching with performance in various projects as a leader and accompanist. Especially interested in the interrelation of different artistic expressions to promote art as a way of transformation and learning.

Paula Rísquez

Trained in choreography and performance at the Conservatory of Dance of the Theatre Institute of Barcelona. Currently creator in different festivals and teacher of contemporary dance at the Centro de danza de Arte. Also participating as artistic director in the project “Festival of Love” within Europa Creativa.


Direction: Nil Verdú and Paula Rísquez
Performer guitarist and composer: Nil Verdú
Performer dancer and choreographer: Paula Rísquez
Scenography: Nil Verdú i Paula Rísquez
Technical assistance: Maria Buenavida
Poem: “Invocació” by Raquel Santanera and “Altra aurora per a nosaltres” by Miquel Martí i Pol
Duration: 20 min.

Photographs: Laia Giménez

Carles Malleu, Glòria Rovira and Ariadna Sarrats


Friday 3   C. Lluís Mon (Jardí de la Ratafia)18:30h
Saturday 4   Biblioteca Joan Vinyoli17h

A relational utopia in 4 chapters -#Solitude #Centre #Dilema #Affects -. (Im)perfecte is about different bonding experiences, from isolation to the encounter with the other. A journey through frustrated dialogues and others lovingly fluid.

Carles Malleu

Art historian, specialized in East Asian art. Postgraduate in Education and Movement by the Instituto del Teatro. Montessori teacher. Training in contemporary dance and improvisation at the Escuela Mayor de Danza de Madrid and at the Escuela Municipal de Danza de Celrà. Intervened in the Festival Pepe Sales (Girona) with Mariona Ginés. Creation and interpretation of the solo “fràgil” (Ateneu de Celrà, 2020).

Glòria Rovira

PhD in Physical Activity Sciences. Teacher and researcher in the field of conscious practice at the UdG. Trained in contemporary dance and improvisation. She was part of the company Romonovo (2008-2011): “A tres tiempos en la abstracción”, “Transversal”, “Tránsitos-Estados” and “Tránsitos 1ª”. Organizes the project “Acciones Perfòrmiques” (2012) of community dance. Creation and performance of the solo “BUIT / Void” (2016).

Ariadna Sarrats

PhD in Health Sciences. Trained in classical, traditional and contemporary dance, specializing in improvisation. Highlights the works of her own creation “Rendició” (2020), “Hoh” (2016), “Red-Ox” (2015) and L’Estesa (2011). He participates in the XXV Festival Ara Poesia (Girona, 2021) with the show “Verba Volant”. He collaborates in research projects of new teaching materials through movement.


Creation and interpretation: Projecte Tília (Carles Malleu, Glòria Rovira and Ariadna Sarrats)
Duration: 20 min.

Photographs: Mar Ximenis

Oskar Luko

ENTRE (prep.)

Saturday 4   Parc de Sant Salvador17:30h
Saturday 4   Parc de Sant Salvador18:30h

A landscape of sky and earth and its horizon, the border between matter and emptiness, the line that separates what is in shadow from what is illuminated, that elastic and brittle sound between one note and another. ENTRE (prep.) is like a wedge that we insert in those places, spaces, states, instants between one something and another something different in order to amplify and inhabit them and dance in them.

Oskar Luko

Actor, performer, dancer, he bases his work on four pillars: Body Weather, Six Viewpoints, Aikido and Art as a vehicle. Member of Kabia Teatro, collaborator in Ars Performance lab. and founder of cía. Blanco Roto. As a performer he participates in several plays and dance shows and develops his personal performance projects: “Las huellas que deja un canto”, “Basic#1, #2 & #3”, “To be high” and “El Miting”. He also participates in multiple improvisations with Free Improvisation musicians.


Creation and interpretation: Oskar Luko
Production: Última vèrtebra
Collaboration: nunArt Creacions
With the support of: Departament de Cultura de la Generalitat de Catalunya
Duration: 18 min.

Photographs: Roberto Domínguez (up) and Alejandro Alfonso (below)

Ona Mestre, Laura Vilar and Pablo Arias


Saturday 4   Plaça Farners19h
Saturday 4   Plaça Farners20h

In the silence, the gaze on the horizon. Listening to the distance on the horizon, I return to the presence of experience. And in each instant of return, I build the presence for another horizon. When I look at a horizon, I am seeing every point between it and me, I exist in all this space that unites us, the distance is close, it is living a constant return to me, so I am always! It is a growing to life from its presence, with the presence of all horizons!

Ona Mestre

Born in Barcelona. The work she develops is the result of a long artistic, pedagogical, research and experimentation trajectory with different systems and disciplines in search of the internal flow of creativity: the Conscious System for the Movement Technique of Fedora Aberastury, (with Yiya Diaz and Julia Comesaña), the Katsugen (Katsumi Mamine) and voice-body (Sjabbe van Selfour). She teaches body awareness and creative dance workshops with different collectives and accompanies creative processes.

Laura Vilar

Dancer, creator, teacher and researcher in contemporary dance. Degree in Humanities from the UAB and Master in Artistic Research and Design EINA and UAB. PhD student at UAB in dance philosophy with the ongoing artistic research “Voyager” (solo). Co-director of nunArt Guinardó, coordinator of the Professional Training of the Area School of Barcelona and teacher in various fields at the Theatre Institute of Barcelona.

Pablo Arias

Born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, 1978. Since 2001 based in the city of Barcelona. Member of the Association of Plastic Arts ACEA, Barcelona. Co-founder, singer, musician and composer of the Negritos collective. Creator with free dance of the project Música en Vivo in Barcelona and Balearic Islands. Since 2016 he participates in different projects related to corporal expression together with Ona Mestre and Laura Vilar.


Creation and interpretation: Ona Mestre, Laura Vilar and Pablo Arias
Production: Última vèrtebra
Collaboration: nunArt Creacions
With the support of: Departament de Cultura de la Generalitat de Catalunya
Duration: 20 min.

Illustration: Delphine Boghos

recognition of awards

   In recognition of the work, effort and confidence of the creators in the projects presented, the 15m2 festival, together with the Santa Coloma de Farners Town Council, will be awarding prizes in 4 categories:

– Best Interpretation Award

   With the aim of valuing small-format stage creation as a complete, quality product. The distinctive elements of the microdansa will be valued (reduced space, brevity and proximity to the audience) and the degree of quality in the interpretation of the proposal as a whole (presence, relationship with the space, between the performers and/or with the scenographic elements, body work, voice, etc.).

– Best Scenographic Creation Award

   With the aim of encouraging the use of scenography or scenographic elements in movement proposals. The degree of singularity and quality of the scenographic elements will be valued, especially those that have been created expressly for the proposal and are inspired by the theme of the festival.

– Root and Memory Award

   It is intended as a recognition of the beauty of the experience, both personal and collective, and of the proposals elaborated with skill. The degree of coherence, robustness and experience of the proposal as a whole (interpretation, scenography, costumes, texts and/or other elements) will be assessed, valuing simplicity and honesty as transversal elements of the piece and the link with traditional knowledge.

– Audience Award

   With the aim of seeking the complicity and involvement of the audience, this award aims to offer the possibility of evaluating, according to the personal criteria of each person, the proposal that has been most liked.

   The jury will be made up of a member of the Beulas Year Commission, a person from the dance sector linked to the municipality, a person from the professional dance sector in Catalonia and a dance critic.

knowledge and territory

   15m2 is a festival that wants to generate critical thinking to reflect on art, culture and contemporary society, to highlight the territory and the fields of knowledge. A way to weave links between creators and performing artists, cultural sectors and citizenship from a thematic area, as well as link the scenic creation with the cultural fabric of the territory.

   The festival will create one or several complementary activities (workshops, debates, talks, exhibitions, plastic installations, etc.) to the stage shows, both to connect the non-stage disciplines and to create participatory processes for the citizenship with the theme and locality of the festival.

   One of the final objectives of the festival will be the construction of literary or visual works based on the thematic area of reflection, from artistic, scientific and documentary point of views. Thus, for example, depending on the areas of knowledge of the theme, a group of experts or a participatory process will prepare a final document as a synthesis of the festival.

knowledge activities and territory 2021

online conferences

tuesday 17 august, 17h

conversation and debat with LAURA LLEVADOT (professor of contemporary philosophy; ub, barcelona)


free activity, online conference with the zoom platform (in catalan)

The idea of the horizon has played a unifying role in Western art as well as in philosophy. Being, in the first instance, that which separated two elements, the sky and the earth, the sea and the sky, … with the introduction of perspective and the representation of the horizon, it became the place of unification in the perspective of a subject, or a fictitious operator capable of unifying different points of view. Contemporaneity, however, calls into question this unifying idea, which at the same time is always postponed to the extent that it flees when it approaches. Linked to the idea of the future, of waiting and projection, the disappearance of the horizon in contemporary experience testifies to the opening of a life without projected unity, but no less valuable for that.

 Laura Llevadot

Professor of Contemporary Philosophy at the University of Barcelona. She directs the Màster de pensament Contemporani i Tradició Clàssica at the same university. She was director and promoter of the Philosophy Festival “Barcelona Pensa”. Specialist in the thought of Derrida, Kierkegaard and contemporary French thought. She currently directs the collection “Pensament Polític Posfundacional” (Gedisa) where she has recently published: “Jacques Derrida: Democràcia i sobirania” (Gedisa, 2020). He has just co-edited with Xavier Bassas, “Pandémik. Post-foundational perspectives on contagion, virus and confinement” (NED, 2021).

registration: send an email to info@festival15m2.cat with the subject ”Knowledge and territory”, specifying your wish to participate in one or both conferences.

tuesday 24 august, 17h

conversation  and debat with ROBERTO RAMOS DE LEÓN (cultural documentalist; cdan, osca)


free activity, online conference with the zoom platform (in spanish)

  The horizon, that space where territory and landscape merge, is a place we will never reach. Beulas’ work reflects this essence, the hope of emulsifying geography (in its etymological sense) and cultural construction, that is, landscape. From his paintings, we jump to some lines of work with landscape in contemporary art in recent decades.

 Roberto Ramos de León

Documentalist specialising in the cultural sector, he is in charge of INDOC, the Research, Documentation and Cooperation Centre of the CDAN, the Beulas Foundation’s Art and Nature Centre, in Huesca. He has worked in different support programmes for artists and cultural professionals, as well as in international cultural cooperation projects, both in Europe and America. He has also been a lecturer at several universities, mainly in the field of artistic professionalisation.

registration: send an email to info@festival15m2.cat with the subject ”Knowledge and territory”, specifying your wish to participate in one or both conferences.

participatory action

from 17 august to 4 september

community creation action #elteuhoritzódeSCF

#elteuhoritzódeSCF is a community creation activity about the skylines of Santa Coloma de Farners, an individual and collective artistic action in the form of a photographic exhibition through social networks.

Under the concept of the horizon, a shared creation of images is born through the horizons of Santa Coloma de Farners. The starting point is the imaginary line that separates the earth from the sky when viewed from afar, a line that unites and delimits two spaces, thinking of this not only as a concept of horizon, but also as an opportunity to create links between spaces and limits. Thus, the images can be real photographs taken from the municipality of Santa Coloma de Farners, or photographs of micro-creations (collage, painting, drawing, montage, etc.) that represent or make reference to the municipality.

A work of citizen participation through the virtual community, to exhibit and share photographs or microcreations under the hashtag #elteuhoritzódeSCF.



façade of La Casa de la Paraula, an old modernist building in Can Gironès, built in 1904



north face of the bell tower of the hermitage of Sant Andreu de Castanyet (13th century). square bell tower with a pyramidal roof and semicircular arched windows



Trias, gauze and cardboard support, with flour, carob and blonde sugar



La Casa de la Paraula’s garden



Temps (Vent d’aram, 1976), poem of the poetic itinerary of Joan Vinyoli


saturday 4 september, 21h

presentation of the document obra de síntesi

A compilation of texts in the form of a notebook to explore and approach the thematic axis of the festival from a different language. A look that inspires with the scenic creation, simplicity and beauty of the experience. The document includes, among others, a conversation with Quimeta Camí, Josep Beulas’ widow; and two interviews with this year’s guest artists, Oskar Luko and Ona Mestre, to share their way of understanding stage creation.

santa coloma de farners (girona, catalonia)

   Santa Coloma de Farners is a municipality in the northeast of Catalonia, in the province of Girona, and is the capital of the Selva region. It is located between the Guilleries massif and the Girona depression.

  The municipality comprises the town centre, the neighbouring areas of Sant Pere Cercada, Castanyet, Sant Miquel de Cladells, Vall and Vallors, and the Santa Coloma Residencial housing estate, with a population of 13,000 inhabitants.

how to get there

by car

   Santa Coloma de Farners is situated only 30 km away from the city of Girona and 80 km away from Barcelona. Also in only 20 minutes we can get from Santa Coloma de Farners to the Girona-Costa Brava Airport.

  • You can reach the town by road via the AP-7 motorway exiting at the exit number 8 and linking with the Eix Transverssal (C-25) towards Vic – Lleida. 
  • From the motorway N-II or A-2, you have to take the exit number 702 towards Vic-Lleida and linking with the Eix Transverssal (C-25)
  • If you are coming from Girona or the area on the south of the Costa Brava (Blanes, Tossa de Mar, Lloret de Mar..), you can also arrive to Santa Coloma de Farners via the C-63 road.
  • If you want to know how to reach Santa Coloma de Farners from any other place you can click here

by bus

   Santa Coloma de Farners has a regular bus service that connects the town with different cities like Girona, Barcelona, Lloret de Mar, Sils or Olot among others. You can check the route details as well as the schedule of the different bus rides on the webpage of the bus company, TEISA by clicking here

by train

   The nearest train station to Santa Coloma de Farners is the one located in Sils, just 10 km away from our town. You can consult the train schedule by clicking here. There is a regular bus service from the train station to Santa Coloma de Farners of which you can check the schedule by clicking here. On the train station you can also find a taxi service which can take you directly to your destination. 

by airplane

   The Girona-Costa Brava airport is located only 10 km away from Santa Coloma de Farners. You can check the different flight schedules as well as all the other services available at the airport by clicking here

information of interest

  Useful information about Santa Coloma de Farners by clicking here

organization and suport

  The 15m2 festival is organized by Última vèrtebra, a platform for research and investigation around movement and contemporary scenic language. A space for creators, dancers and collaborators from other artistic disciplines, with the desire to connect the fields of knowledge and the uniqueness of the territory with the scenic creation, a look at art and the rhythm of contemporary society.

   The festival has the support of the Santa Coloma de Farners Town Council, the Diputació de Girona, the Associació de Professionals de la Dansa de Catalunya (APdC), has been selected by the project Carretera i Dansa: Beques de Dansa Aplicada 2021 of the APdC and the Departament de Cultura de la Generalitat de Catalunya.

   With the collaboration of l’Any Beulas, the Casa de la Paraula, the Joan Vinyoli Library, the CDAN (Centro de Arte y Naturaleza, Fundación Beulas y Huesca), nunArt Creacions and the monastery of Sant Jeroni de la Murtra.

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